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Fierce Feathered Star

Click the button to buy with Shopify ⬇︎ and receive your PDF pattern instantly! The pattern is $10 and includes instructions for a 20" block and a 36" block. No y-seams, no paper piecing, no problem! 

Don't you love the feathered star block? It's so classy and fun at the same time. 

The Fierce Feathered Star pattern gives you a highly customizable cutting chart so that you can play with any variety of coloring options! Make it totally yours!

So, why "fierce"? What makes this block fierce?

I'll tell you:

It's bold. It likes attention. Alright, it's a little bit of a drama queen if you want to know the truth. :)

While there is easy sewing, do not turn your back on it or daydream when making this block. This does not fall into the "mindless" sewing category. 

Do you have to be an accomplished quilter to be successful at making this block? Heavens no! 

Is it a challenge? It will be for beginners or even advanced beginners. With some feedback, I decided to give it an "intermediate" designation, my first thought was to go the advanced beginner route. Set your intention to conquer this block and you will! And add new techniques to your bag of quilting tricks along the way. I'm here for support!

This block was eventually cut in fourths diagonally to make the lap sized quilt shown next...

This block was eventually cut in fourths diagonally to make the lap sized quilt shown next...

Now I want to speak directly to the quilters who have made my No Y Seam Feathered Star block. For as much as I still LOVE that pattern, I have to tell you a secret: When you are done making this block, there are no papers to rip out! I'm not gonna lie, it gives me a thrill to finish and NOT have to deal with papers. It feels like I'm getting away with something! 

(P.S. I'm told that those who have completed the No Y Seam Feathered Star will have a level of familiarity with this pattern that's very helpful in executing this version!)

That's fierce.

YOU are fierce for tackling this block. Are you ready?!?!


This listing is for a PDF only. There are 14 pages total that include 3 template pages. You'll print 2 templates out, tape them to your rotary ruler and cut like normal. I promise there is no tracing, no weird fabric cutting with scissors, no freezer paper... you'll like it! There are diagrams to use as coloring pages if you wish. 

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Interactive coloring!

Choose an image below to save, import in the Recolor app, and color your heart out! A full tutorial with video is available here, if you need any help.