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Modern Heart Block

Jessie ZeiglerComment

Like many of you, I've been moved to action as a result of the recent tragedy in Orlando. Quilters quilt. It's how we show love and support. The Orlando MQG is organizing a quilt drive. To donate your blocks or quilts, see their informational post here.

I came up with an easy foundation paper pieced block that reflects my own interpretation of a heart. If it's your thing, too, please download the free pattern and make and share, share and make!

If you're familiar with paper piecing, you shouldn't have any issues. The downloadable PDF is part pattern and part photo tutorial with the actual paper piecing templates included on the last page. 

UPDATE: I now have a video tutorial posted here on my site and on YouTube showing each step of how to make this block, even if you're new to paper piecing.


Here are a few of the visions I had for this block, but my all means: let your creativity soar!

Offset grid for a whole quilt:

Monochromatic blocks:

(Wouldn't ombre fabrics work well?!)

Shades of warm colors...

Let's be a blessing to the countless number of people affected by this tragedy.

Let me know if I can be of any help! 

Modern Heart Block