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Mini Modern Heart tutorial video is live!

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mini modern heart top.JPG

This pattern is just too perfect for beginning foundation paper piecers to pass up! I HAD to record a video tutorial for it, too. ;) I'm kind of on a roll having uploaded the series for the Fierce Feathered Star less than a week ago. AND I have an unreleased pattern and video tutorial just waiting in the wings for you all, too! But that'll have to remain a tease for now.

Back to the Mini Modern Heart. I love this pattern for using up scraps. These templates allow for small scraps to be used, too.

I can't help loving scrap quilts! There's an economic element at play for me, it's like a bonus quilt because you didn't "buy new" [fabrics] for it. And it's always fun to revisit some really great prints that you've used for quilts from your past. It's a trip down memory lane!

But you don't HAVE to use scraps, charm squares (5" squares) would be perfect for this pattern if you're into buying and/or collecting pre-cuts. 

The video that I recorded is just under 30 minutes and will cover everything to need to know for successful foundation paper piecing, even if it's your first time!

Fierce Feathered Star straight set quilt layout

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If you're keeping track at home, this is the second Fierce Feathered Star quilt I've finished so far. :) The first one has a very different look.

What better way to test measurements and instructions than making the pattern NINE times? I felt like I got the process down to a science while making the last few blocks.

To keep the making more interesting, I decided to pick a different combo of blues and greens each time. I really didn't know how or IF the quilt would have a cohesive look when I was done, but it was interesting! I think the result is fun and more interesting than if I would have used the same color scheme again and again, which honestly felt like the safer choice to me.

In other words, this is me being dangerous! :)

I did make some color decisions before beginning the first block. I decided that I was going to use the same gray background fabric throughout. I also decided I would use just 3 "main" (aka non-background) fabrics for each star. The last thing I kept consistent was the use of the white fabric as a secondary background in each star.

Once I made the aforementioned color decisions, I sat down and made each block one at a time, I worked at a pace of about one star per day. Once I had all of the blocks done, I arranged and rearranged them on my design wall until I was happy with the color distribution across the top as a whole.

I wanted each block to stand out on its own. For that to work, I decided that there needed to be some space between each block. The sashing strips and borders helped to make each star independent and pronounced.

I'm attaching a diagram of how I add sashing strips and borders to quilts.

For this quilt, I cut four sashing strips and positioned one on each side as shown in the diagram above. Then I sewed one sashing strip to the first two blocks and two sashing strips to the last block. Next, I sewed those sashing strips and blocks into a row. Then, I repeated that process until I had 3 rows.

After my rows were complete, I pieced and cut long border/sashing strips exactly to the measurement of the rows. Four were needed for this quilt and btw: both the vertical and horizontal sashing strips are the same width. 

As far as handling bulk, I find it easiest to pin the long border strip to one row and then seam. Repeat until all long sashings are sewn. One row will need a long strip sewn to both the top and bottom edges.

Then I sew the rows (with sashing attached) to each other to form the quilt top.

Interactive coloring! From a smart phone, save one of these blank diagrams for coloring in the Recolor app. Click here for full instructions in this tutorial (with video).

How would you color your Fierce Feathered Star?

As we all know, the quilt isn't done when the top gets assembled!

I can't leave you without giving you a little more about the quilting, it's my favorite part!

I decided to quilt lines within the stars. Because there is already a lot going on in the piecing and in the background quilting, I wanted the stars themselves to have strong-but-uncomplicated contrasting lines. Every other star has diagonal lines and its neighbor has vertical and horizontal lines. I used a marker (the pink air-soluble marker on my list of quilting tools) to draw the lines first and then used a longarm ruler + baseplate extender to actually quilt the lines out.

Last but certainly not least, let me talk about the background quilting! I have a video tutorial with step by step instructions on how to draw this out, it's called paisley feathers. You can even print your own PDF tracing sheet to draw along with me as I walk through the process.

Sew Mojo Series #2

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I had the opportunity to test the latest pattern in the Sew Mojo series (#2) this last week. Thanks Suzy! If you haven't already, go check out the pattern listing that shows multiple variations and colorways of this pattern.

I have the wall space in my house already picked out to hang this series when complete, and I knew I wanted to use the same color palette for the second mini as I did the first. In fact, I used many of the same exact fabrics which should make for a very cohesive look in the end.

The emphasis is on composition in this second pattern exercise. Having next to no art training, I appreciated this mini lesson as it applies to quilting.

The pattern builds on the skills exercised in the first mini lesson and adds a healthy dose of intentionality without being oppressive in the slightest. In fact, I love how the pattern uses some guidelines but then encourages you to follow your creative impulses. (Which I was happy to do!)

Part of that creative impulse was to echo a design element of the first mini (above, left) in the second mini (above, right). Whereas the shorter wonky strips were going vertically along the side of the first mini, I wanted to play off of that idea and add wonky strips going across the top of the second mini.

Ultimately, I wanted the focus of the piece to remain with the orange center square, so in order to minimize the boldness of the strips along the top, I added matchstick quilting to those areas to unify that space and to downplay it.


Once again, it brought me so much JOY to add some hand stitched lines to the mini quilt. Is embroido-quilting a thing? Because the thread is going through the top and batting (no backing necessary if displaying in a frame), it's "quilting". But since I'm also stitching with 3-ply embroidery floss and hunting and pecking my way around, it's kind of like embroidery, too. I'm good with the name-combo in any event. :)

In the areas where I added hand quilting, I marked my lines using a very faint white marking pencil by Sewline. I have an ever-growing list of tools that I use and personally vouch for, you'll find the details of the marking pencil included.

In keeping with the style of the first mini, I used machine quilted lines in the "background" areas and hand stitching in the foreground fabrics.

What can I say? Always perfectly imperfect!

sunshine + quilts = cat magnet

I hope that you'll give Sew Mojo #2 a try! It's an absolute blast to work out your creativity muscles, learn a new approach to design, and have a finished piece of art in the end!

Custom quilting GIVEAWAY!

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Brighten the Corners quilt pattern, made and photographed by  Alison Gamm  (quilted by me).

Brighten the Corners quilt pattern, made and photographed by Alison Gamm (quilted by me).


I'm so excited to roll out this promotional giveaway and pattern!

I've been asking myself lately: How do I be completely me in the quilting world? By combining my love for designing quilts and piecing them with my love of longarm quilting. And by sharing my passions with you, OF COURSE!

SO! How perfect would it be to give away a custom quilting job to one purchaser of my new Brighten the Corners pattern?! I know! Exciting!

Here is how it will work: 

The Brighten the Corners pattern goes on sale tomorrow Friday, July 15. It includes instructions for one lap sized quilt 50" x 60" and is a steal at $7 USD! To be eligible to win the custom quilting job, purchase the PDF pattern by Wednesday, July 20. From the invoices, I will randomly draw one name to receive the prize and announce the winner Thursday, July 21.

A few things to keep in mind: 

This is a foundation paper piecing pattern. It is easy! I'd consider it a beginners level pattern. I give you pre-cutting instructions so that your fabrics will be just the right size when you paper piece with them. The pattern details really clearly through actual photographs and step-by-step instructions how to make the quilt block. There are no y-seams or partial seams. It's all straight sewing, baby! I've added some extra paper piecing tips as you sew along PLUS a few optional coloring pages!

The winner will have until December 31, 2016 to get the completed quilt top and backing fabric to me for quilting. The quilt top has to be the Brighten the Corners pattern or one made with slight adaptations to the pattern as in with size or other tweaks - I do want to spark your own creativity, after all! :)

I will provide the batting, the longarm quilting (we'll work together to come up with a plan) and I will also pay return shipping within the United States. International friends are eligible to participate, I just ask that the winning quilter pays for the difference between domestic and international shipping rates.

If you have any questions, just ask! I look forward to sharing this pattern and collaborating with one of you on your own fabulous version of this quilt!

Check back tomorrow when the pattern goes live! :)

EDIT! The PDF pattern is now live and can be purchased here:

Modern Heart Block

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Like many of you, I've been moved to action as a result of the recent tragedy in Orlando. Quilters quilt. It's how we show love and support. The Orlando MQG is organizing a quilt drive. To donate your blocks or quilts, see their informational post here.

I came up with an easy foundation paper pieced block that reflects my own interpretation of a heart. If it's your thing, too, please download the free pattern and make and share, share and make!

If you're familiar with paper piecing, you shouldn't have any issues. The downloadable PDF is part pattern and part photo tutorial with the actual paper piecing templates included on the last page. 

UPDATE: I now have a video tutorial posted here on my site and on YouTube showing each step of how to make this block, even if you're new to paper piecing.


Here are a few of the visions I had for this block, but my all means: let your creativity soar!

Offset grid for a whole quilt:

Monochromatic blocks:

(Wouldn't ombre fabrics work well?!)

Shades of warm colors...

Let's be a blessing to the countless number of people affected by this tragedy.

Let me know if I can be of any help! 

Modern Heart Block


Rainbow cutting guide for the NYSFS

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Obsessed? Nah, I just prefer to think of myself as thorough. :)

I wanted to put this free PDF out here in case you wanted the cutting instructions for making your No Y Seam Feathered Star block in rainbow order. These instructions are the steps I followed in the video tutorial series, just in a printable one-page guide. A companion to the pattern, if you will. 

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing your own NYSFS block with us in the Friends of Threaded Quilting Studio Facebook group and on Instagram.  I've made this block so many times, and your pictures just KEEP inspiring me!  Thank you for that!