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Mini Modern Heart

baby quilt 36" x 38" layout instructions and fabric quantities included

baby quilt 36" x 38" layout instructions and fabric quantities included

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Make it mini. Use this pattern to make blocks for your own quilt top or follow the directions for the baby quilt shown above.

This is really one of the more enjoyable makes I've had in a long time! I actually never intended to write this pattern in a mini-size, but I had so much fun and found more enjoyable ways to make it, that here I am. I had to write it up. Here's why:

1. Cute. Caaaaahute! However you want to say it, these hearts are adorable. The blocks finish just under 5".

2. I was able to use scraps way more easily using this smaller scale.

3. *Charms* I've been cutting larger fabric scraps down into 5" charm squares and so I had this glorious selection from which to pull for this quilt. This pattern is so perfect for using charms that I've written cutting options specifically for charms. The cutting goes lightening quick this way! I'm talking: you really don't even need to use a rotary ruler for some parts.

4. Not to worry, there are non-charm cutting instructions, too... and that is not a critique of your personality, just so we're clear. ;)

5. I love paper piecing. I'm getting at the point where I can say that. I used to say that paper piecing is great for it's precision and just the right thing in some instances. The zen-quilter in me now LOVES the repetition and process of foundation paper piecing.

6. BUT!  If you don't love paper piecing, I still think you'll love this pattern. Hear me out: the papers come out faster and easier than anything I've ever, ever, ever done. The way I have you sew them and the order of paper removal means that papers peel off in seconds. No joke!

7. I'm kind of an efficiency nerd, and so I love how you can print off templates for 4 blocks on one sheet of paper. Stack your papers and cut a slew of templates out at the same time!

8. I love baby quilts that are narrow enough not to piece the back. (See #7.)

9. I'm not telling you what to do (obviously) but I also was wanting a break from intense custom quilting, and I personally think that this quilt top begs for a simple edge to edge design. Straight lines would also look marvelous. Here's how I quilted mine:


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