Threaded Quilting Studio


Jessie ZeiglerComment

{As I approach my 10 year quiltiversary, I'm taking stock of the quilts that I've made over the years, counting them up and remembering the how and why.}

Fall 2005:

It looks like someone found herself back on the Log Cabin wagon!  I scaled down the log size for this baby quilt.  I also used the same exact print for all of the light portions of each block.  I think it made a greater impact on the overall design.

I particularly like the light green centers of each block and how I repeated that same fabric in the inner border.  Verdict: I'm still proud of this quilt! :)


I used another new-to-me technique as far as the quilting goes.  This quilting pattern is a really traditional one called Baptist fans.  I remember that in order to achieve this quilting style, I drew the arcs onto a disposable plastic plates and cut them out.  I then tediously traced around the four arc templates onto the quilt top with a water-soluable pen.  Keep in mind that I had to repeat this process four times for every single repeat on the quilt.  It took awhile!

I used a variegated thread for the quilting for the first time.  I've always been quite "meh" about variegated thread.  To this day, I don't use it on a customer quilt unless the customer insists on it and then place a special order for the particular color they're wanting.  

Like quilt 004, we gave this quilt to one of my husband's co-workers.