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Jessie ZeiglerComment

If you're just joining me, I'm chronicling every quilt I've ever made.  Seriously. Lucky no. 7 is my first finish of the year 2006.  It kind of feels like I'm getting somewhere with this list!

This quilt was given to my friend for the birth of her first and only daughter.  My sister, being close friends with the mama-to-be told me that her nursery colors were brown and pink.  At the time, in my sheltered existence, this news made me very nervous.  Because color schemes cause unease in many people.  And brown and pink was just starting to be a popular combo.

Anyway, I set out to nail this brown and pink quilt thing.  I chose two traditional quilt blocks and alternated them in the quilt - a first for me.  Also, it should be noted here that I started designing my quilts very early.  Quilt 006 was the first one I came up with the layout and border design using an existing block.  


For the quilting design, I used a star stencil with feathers for the alternate "chain" blocks, a cute daisy chain stencil for the border and free motion stippling to fill in the other areas.


And last but not least for the little baby mama who loves stars, I added this quilting to the corner border squares: