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{I'm writing this series of journal entries about all the quilts I've ever made.  In order. Over the last ten years. Thank you for joining me, we're up to quilt No. 10!}

Summer 2006:

Log Cabin: I just can't quit you!

For this quilt, I used the leftover fabrics I had from making quilt No. 9.  

I was invited to a "personal shower" for a childhood friend and bride-to-be. I honestly didn't understand the concept of a personal shower, it was the first I'd been to.  It was a pre-cursor to the bachelorette party, so a lot of panties and unmentionables were given as gifts.  My oblivious self made a quilt for the occasion. :)


So, let's recap: 

I had just turned 25 years old.

I had one 14 month old baby.

I had one 1 month old baby.

I'm invited to a personal bridal shower for a friend.

I don't buy the gift, I make the gift.  A quilt.

Makes total sense to me! :) I love how obsessed with quilting I was back then, excusing away all rationale and going for it. 


Oh yes, I remember now that I changed up the quilting slightly in the different colored "logs". I do love the look of the dense but consistent quilting.


I do remember my friend loving the quilt so much, making it all so worth it!