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Counting up

Jessie ZeiglerComment

Last Saturday when I got this site up and running, I had the chance to look through my long-neglected picture files on my laptop.  I was inspired to do a little spring cleaning through many years of digital picture files and folders dating back to my earliest digital images from 2002 when I spent WAYYY too much money on a 1.6 megapixel Canon camera. 

Over the last few days, I separated the pictures into family/personal photos, quilting photos of my personal patchwork, and then longarming business photos.  

Oh Jess, you're so adorable!

Oh Jess, you're so adorable!

I've had a sewing machine for the last 10 years exactly.  As I remembered it, I started a quilt immediately after getting the machine, but photos actually reminded me that I first made a curtain for my new baby's nursery and didn't start quilting until a few months later.  So, as I approach my 10 year anniversary of quilting, I'm feeling this need to look back and take stock of the quilts I've made.  I do want to know a number, yes - but I also am wanting to be reminded of how that quilt-making tracked alongside my life.

In some years, there are very few photos of a very few projects.  In other years, the folders are bustling with hundreds of photos of various stages of quilt-making with all sorts of colors, sizes, techniques and people in mind as recipients. 

As I look forward to many more years of quilting, I'm also taking the time to look back and remember what came before.