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Jessie ZeiglerComment

I'm revisiting the quilts of my past, one by one [for now].  There's a strong to quite-strong chance that no one else will be interested in this retelling of history, but dang it - it's my journal, and I really want to know a number.

The year was still 2005, it was the fall and another friend of mine was having her first child.  Judging by the color scheme I chose, they didn't yet know the gender of the lil one at the time. 

This quilt marked a turning point for me, and an important one. It was the first quilt I solely machine quilted.  I took a domestic machine quilting class just prior to piecing the top and I COULD NOT WAIT to apply the techniques I'd learned to make this quilt better than my last two quilts.  The information I learned in the class  was such a difference maker!

Ready for the worst quality pictures in the history of the Internet?


Yeah, I can't even believe I just published those. :)  Let's just let that be a commentary on the times (again, it was 2005) and my enthusiasm for moving onto the next quilt and not caring about the photography. (Okay, I do wish I had cared a little bit about the photography.)