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Alrighty!  We're getting caught up around here to what I would classify as counting up recent quilts!  Today I'm featuring the quilts I made in the year 2014.


I made this quilt for a wonderful teacher who had both my older kids in school.  She had her second baby and while I don't do teacher quilts every year, I thought this was a great opportunity to give back a tiny little smidge of appreciation for the love and compassion she heaped on our family for two years.  I didn't work from a pattern, I just pulled from my scrap bin and matched colors to make same-colored blocks.  The white sashing really gives a crisp look and makes it look a lot more "planned". 


This quilt is one of my favorites ever. EVER! And it's MINE!  I absolutely loved using a charm pack of Vanessa Christianson's Color Me Happy fabric line to - in essence - "confetti" this quilt.  I will be writing and self-publishing this pattern very soon.  I spent extra time on the quilting. :)


This was a wonderful little baby quilt for the second nephew on my side of the family.  I was exploring the use of solids and really liked the simplicity of the repeating block in muted colors.  The white fabric, again, lends to such a crisp look.  Quilting stitches on solid fabrics show really well, too - that's a bonus to a gal like me.


This quilt was the saddest quilt to make.  I cried and cried and cried as I made it.  It really was like therapy for me.  A classmate of mine died suddenly last year of a medical event.  He was such a sweet and special guy and I grieved deeply for him.  I still grieve for his family and think of them often.  I gave this quilt to his family as a comfort quilt - just to remind them that they are loved and that their son will not be forgotten, he made such a big impact on my life.  This was pieced in an improv style but with a basic plan.  It ended up being a large lap/small twin size and I worked on it hard so that it could be finished in four days.  I really do like the style and hope to make something similar in the future, hopefully for a happy occasion.  I was extremely grateful for having a longarm quilting machine for a situation like this, a quick turnaround for what's usually a much more tedious process.


Easiest quilt ever!  I used two great fabric prints to make this quilt with no seaming.  It only took a few hours to put together and when paired with the book - this made a wonderful gift for a book-club friend.


This was a super-fun quilt to make.  I used a bunch of Cotton + Steel fabrics to make these great "records".  I used a free pattern from the Fons & Porter website from which to base this design.  I used a fusible product to secure the records onto plain white blocks then used a blanket stitch to raw-edge applique the records in place.  Then I sewed all the blocks together and quilted it.  I thought the irregularly spaced straight lines mimicked the grooves on a record, so that's how I decided on the quilting.  We gave this to friends - who are also in a record club with us - for their wedding.  Vinyl is alive and well!


I absolutely loved making this quilt.  It's got a little bit of special paper-piecing going on and a whole lot of quilting, just the way I like it. :) This is my own design and we gave it to friends of ours for their first baby girl.


In 2013, I made a two-fabric and three-fabric quilt I designed in this same pattern.  This baby quilt was a gift for cousins.  Again, solid fabrics really lend themselves to showing the quilting well, so I took some extra time for fancy quilting.  It's worth it!  I demonstrate drawing the echoed swirls quilting design in this video.


I admit it, I went on a bit of a rampage last year.  It wasn't violent, but my sewing/quilting room got worked over pretty good.  I found leftover blocks from three different quilts when cleaning and reorganizing and decided to combine them in this one baby quilt.  I unified it with allover fancy quilting to make it look like the whole top belonged together.  We gave this to cousins for the birth of their baby.


This quilt was another one I hadn't really planned on making in advance, it was just that I found a bunch of the printed fabrics already cut and leftover from another quilt.  So, I sewed them into stacks, added a white sashing and borders (my secret weapon) and quilted it up.  I ended up giving this to a friend who liked it on Instagram and asked about buying it.


This was yet another quilt that I basically found the pieces leftover from other projects, added the sashing and borders and then quilted it up.  We gave this to cousins who had their first baby, a girl.  As a general rule, I enjoy quilting the crap out of quilts.  There was a fourth quilt top I made based on these found, long abandoned other projects, but I haven't yet quilted and bound it.  Maybe it'll make the list of 2015 completed projects?


I had to count this mini quilt in my number of completed projects because after all, I did quilt it and bind it.  I'm not "into" minis like some people are into minis, but I do see the appeal.  It'll be really great to display someday in my sewing room.


This quilt was one I started in 2008.  I even got it to the stage where it was basted with safety pins and partially quilted on my domestic sewing machine, but then I just gave up on it and let it sit around for years.  I got it back out, removed the pins, picked out some of the stitching I'd done previously (that I hated) and finished the quilting on my longarm.  It's another quilt that stays in our house.  It is winter-themed with snowflake prints and the like, but not overpowering enough that it can't be used year-round.  This is also my own design.


This quilt was very special because I made it for my mom.  I hadn't ever made her a quilt in the nearly 10 years I'd been quilting, so I wanted to correct that situation for Christmas.  She loves the quilt!  I found the free pattern online and thought it'd look great using fabrics that I'd previously selected for her. I'm so glad I made it, I know it's well used and loved in her home.


And last but certainly not least: this quilt.  I reworked an earlier pattern of my own design (no. 103 from this post, actually) in a different colorway and came up with this quilt for my mother-in-law.  Just before Christmas of 2014, she received a breast cancer diagnosis.  This was made as a comfort quilt and given to her in time for Christmas.  I'm so happy to say that she's cancer-free now thanks to early detection and effective treatments and I'm so thankful for that!  I know so many that haven't been that fortunate. Life and health are definitely a gift!  This pattern will be available soon for purchase.