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I've been out of the practice of blogging for several years now, but even I know that when you're boring yourself to death with a blog series, it's time to change it up.  

Because I really hate to completely abandon this idea of counting up my quilts, I'm going to write very briefly about each year of quilting.  I still want to know a number.

Behold: I give you the remaining quilts of 2006!


This is cheating a little bit because I don't have a picture of the actual quilt that I made, but it's just like this table runner, only the stars are all in a hand-dyed maroon fabric.  It's lovely and it was a gift to my mother-in-law for her birthday that summer of 2006.


This was an interesting project because it was my first commissioned quilt.  A coworker of my mom's gave me lots of candlewicking blocks that her mother had made many years before.  I trimmed down all of the blocks, set them with a simple sashing and borders and quilted them up.


And whaddya know? My second commissioned quilt on the heels of the first!  I made this as a large wallhanging for a family friend.  I really loved the scrappy creams of the background blocks contrasted with the rich stars. 


This was a wallhanging for a family friend's wedding gift.  I used a technique I learned from Alex Anderson's Simply Quilts show on HGTV in which half-square triangles are used instead of diamonds.


This was a lap sized quilt that I made for a family friend after he suffered a serious fall and back injury and was laid-up for awhile. 


I took a day class at my LQS on how to make this Fractured Crystals quilt.  We gifted it for a cousin's wedding.


Awww, I still love this quilt!  I gave it to a friend's baby on her 1st birthday.  She's 9 now!


I'm calling this quilt one of mine because I helped a friend make it step-by-step and then I quilted and bound it.  However, my friend bought all of the materials - she gifted it to a nephew.  Cute, cheerful and I wish I would have had better photography skills!

021 and 022:

Dum, dum, DUM! The return of the candlewicking blocks!  I had enough to make two more quilts for the above referenced commission.