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This is my work from 2007:


Sweet quilt and sweet memories! Given to a family friend for the birth of her first child.  I loved the large block concept for this quilt.


This mini quilt eventually made its way back to me after my husband's grandmother's death.  I gave it to her for her birthday.


Fancy quilt alert!  I gave this quilt top to my grandma and grandpa for Christmas but I didn't have it quilted so I took it back home.  Quilt it, I DID!  I'm still surprised I did something so fancy relatively early in my quilting career.  They're still enjoying it hanging in their house.


Oversized blocks made this quilt go together pretty quickly.  I gifted this to a friend who was undergoing surgery.  The back has well-wishes and notes of encouragement from her friends and family.


What a sweet quilt!  As modern as I'd like to be, part of me loves and craves traditional patchwork like this.  The fabrics give it a modern feel and I still adore the pinks and greens together.


I designed and made this quilt for one of my closest friends for her wedding.  I can't help wish I would have been able to take beautiful pictures of it when it was new.  *Sigh*


I made this quilt for my oldest son when he was two years old.  The pattern was published in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine and I fell in love with it!  This quilt is still floating around our house and being used.  I think this is the first quilt that I made that I also kept!


Adore, adore, adore!  This pattern was a FunQuilts design that appeared in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  I made it for a very good friend of mine in anticipation of her 2nd child who we weren't sure was a girl or boy at the time. (Boy.)   I loved this pattern and have incorporated the like-colored patchwork elements in quilts since.


The large-scale block quilt is a great go-to for easy and fast baby gifts.  This one was given to the niece of a very good friend o' mine.


I loved this Hunter's Star quilt!  Sometimes the simplicity of a 2 fabric, monochrome design is just right.  I went through an insane number of spools of thread quilting this, lots of odd-sized pebbling.  We gave it to a cousin for her wedding.


The collection of fabrics I had in my possession really inspired the design and coloration of this quilt.  I used more red back in the day than I do now (note to self: use red again)!  Another gifted quilt for a cousin's wedding.


I designed this quilt using my Electric Quilt software.  I still really like the design - I ended up making 2 more quilts using this design since.  My heart was heavy while making it, the baby set to receive the quilt wasn't expected to survive birth.  She did, but died shortly afterwards.  Her short little life has left such a lasting impression on me and I'm blessed that I got to meet her.


I submitted this quilt as a design competition for Fon's and Porter's Love of Quilting magazine.  It didn't win, but I remember calling it Kids in the House - a play on words for the traditional Birds in the Air block it's made from.  The layout is reminiscent of a chaotic time in my life with 2 babies.  I still think it's kind of fun.  


I love the fall palette of this quilt!  The courthouse steps log cabin layout is a classic.  My sister chose the fabrics and helped me assemble it, she used it as a bed quilt for many years.


This is as "art quilt" as I get, but I was really happy with how this mini came out.  I gave it to a quilting friend after she lost her husband.


I designed this quilt on the fly for a young cancer patient.  I don't remember the specifics now but a woman who was in a bible study with me at the time knew of this young woman who was fighting cancer and I felt led to make her a quilt.  I'll probably never know her name or what happened to her - I lost contact with the woman shortly thereafter.


I made this mini-quilt for a Christmas gift exchange that was for a quilting circle I used to go to.  


We had a hand-made Christmas in 2007 with my dad's side of the family.  That was the last year we did that. :)

It's was a good way to cap-off 2007, anyway.