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Jessie ZeiglerComment

Onward, forward through history!  I'm sharing quilts from the year 2010 today.


6-6-10 004.jpg

I loved making this quilt, quilting this quilt and giving this quilt to friends for their first baby.  The whole darn quilt is made up of 2 1/2" squares and that's it.  The color placement is the only defining pattern.  Pretty simple and sweet.


I made this quilt especially to auction on eBay to raise money for a mission trip two girls from my church went on.  This was my first lesson that sometimes quilts at auction don't do too well, financially speaking.  But I liked this design and the fabrics and it went to a great family, so overall, I was happy.


I designed and made this baby quilt for a friend having her first baby.  I used the concept of having plain white rectangles be the main blocks and having the colored squares act as the sashing.


This baby quilt has the same basic concept of the black, white & red auction quilt above, only on a smaller scale.  We gave this quilt to friends who were having their first baby.  The swirl quilting is a fan favorite. :)


I see a theme here... this is another baby quilt gifted to friends expecting their first baby.  This is an original design of mine, this begins the phase of my life when I started quilting things to death.


This baby quilt was gifted to a cousin's baby.  Like the first quilt posted here today, it's simply a series of 2 1/2" squares with careful color placement.  Even so, I love the colors and design - the palette was pulled from the polka-dotted fabric that I placed in the center of the blocks and surrounded by scrappy white and off-white fabrics.


This was a great quilt to end the year on.  I began the kaleidoscope blocks in a foundation paper piecing class I took when I was just getting started in my quilting adventure - probably around 2006. I finished it up in time to gift it to my husband for Christmas.  It's another of the very few quilts that have remained in our house.