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Jessie ZeiglerComment

I wanted to share with you the quilts I made in 2009.  As I was counting them up, I kept wondering why I wasn't that "productive" that year.  And then I remembered I was pregnant most of the year and then had a newborn for the remainder of the year! :)  Oh yeah....


Through the magic of the Internet, I was commissioned to make this quilt for a woman in California.  I want to say this was a wedding gift for a couple to celebrate their dogs (and the dogs of family members also, I believe).  Of course, it was something I'd never done before and I thought it was extremely challenging to incorporate the customers wants with something that also fit my personal design aesthetic.


This was a quilt I made for a cousin's baby.  The mama worked with me to tell me what she wanted, a traditional Irish Chain in unconventional colors.  I loved the way it turned out and was really happy with how the orange peel quilting worked!


Even though the baby I'd had a month earlier was named Jace, this baby quilt was actually for a friend's baby.  My Jace is still waiting on his quilt, I've promised myself I'd have it done by his 6th birthday (in a few months).  The top is complete, I just need to quilt and bind it. :)


I made this for a cousin's baby.  Large-scale prints can be so much fun!


This baby quilt was made for yet another cousin's baby.  I love them all.  The babes, that is... and the cousins. :)


What can I tell you?  There was a baby boom in our family!  Yes, another cousin's baby.


This was a quick baby quilt gift for a friend at church.  I made strategic use of leftover fabrics from other projects.