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Plugging right along!  Here are the quilts I made in 2008.


This is the baby quilt I made for my first nephew.  I love the soft colors and variety of prints and solids.


Another Iowa Hawkeye quilt (the first one was in my last post)!  This one was for my friends' baby boy.  Sidenote: I had the pleasure of repairing this quilt years later, which is the best compliment you could give me, in my opinion.  I love when a quilt is used and loved!


This was an original design for a baby quilt gifted to a friend.  I think this was just a matter of finding an interesting block from my Electric Quilt software, adding a sashing and border and using up great fabrics I had from another project.


This quilt was a commission for a customer I didn't know but who was referred to me by a quilt shop.  The woman had the center of this wallhanging - an old pillow - cross-stitched by a family member and pretty old.  She wanted to bring new life to it.  I was happy to help do that!


I made this baby quilt as a commission, too.  I repeated last year's original design with new colors and fabrics and for a finishing touch, embroidered the new baby's name into the top border.


Here's a mini-quilt that I made for a friend who commissioned it.


I designed this quilt for a special commission to be given as a wedding gift.  I really loved collaborating on the fabrics and ideas online.  I really do love all the stages of quilting from the design and fabric selection to the final binding!


Do you see how one quilt can inspire the design of the next? This baby quilt I designed and made for a lifelong friend's baby.


I made this quilt with a lot of scraps from other projects and gifted it to neighbors for the birth of their new baby.  One letter of personalization goes a loooong way with a simple quilt. :)


Another commission with the same pattern as seen previously.  I wouldn't mind patterning this one someday. 


I made this quilt out of scraps from the last quilt I posted.  I'd over-made SEVERAL half-square triangle units from that previous quilt.  Then a deadly tornado came through an Iowan town and destroyed lives and property.  Because of a mutual friend, I'd learned of a young family who had just brought their new baby home from the hospital when the tornado hit.  I decided to make this quilt for that baby.


Pretty bold and modern here!  I designed and made this quilt for a wedding gift for friends.


This was QUITE a commission, let me tell you! I designed and made this quilt for the children of a couple who would be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. If I remember correctly, I mapped out 50 stars and incorporated as many photos as I could, transferred onto photo fabric, of course.  I really wanted this quilt to be great for them!


This was another commissioned quilt that I made at the request of a customer for his wife.  He already knew exactly what pattern he wanted, so the rest was easy!  I think this was a quilt-as-you-go method and the applique was secured/quilted through the layers.


In the fall of 2008, my friends had way too many babies!  This was one quilt I designed and made for one of those friends and her new baby boy.


Quilt for twin boys #1. :)


Quilt for twin boys #2!


Quilt for twin girls #1.


Quilt for twin girls #2.


This table topper commission was super fun to make, I loved using that negative space to do a few fancy quilting motifs.  Log cabin layouts are so versatile!


I self-published a pattern using this wall hanging designed.  It's called Four Winds and I offered different layouts but this one was my favorite layout.